Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wake me up when November ends

If you thought last night's debate was awful, you have to read Will Wilkinson's hilarious live blog. I'll post some of the highlights here, but peruse it yourself--I laughed out loud three times and I am alone with just my computer so there was no social stimulus.
McCain: Let’s do it all. Straight talk! Can’t afford entitlements. I know how to reach across the aisle. Jobs with Nukes! Earth, Wind, Fire! You’re complicit in terrorism by driving your kid to soccer practice. Everything is a national security objective!

Obama: Perhaps you have heard of something called 9/11?... Holy god there is nothing more important than not trading with foreigners for energy. Double the Peace Corps, so we can renew America, because there is no non-state way to do that.

Should health care be a commodity?... Obama: Moral imperative that we do something. Here’s my plan. I’ll make it cheaper for you. More free lunches. No insurance? You got it! McCain hates sick people, because his plan makes sense.

How does all the economic stress affect our ability to wage war? McCain: America is greatest force for good in history of universe forever. We shed our blood everywhere. The question of when to kill people needs to be left to soldiers like me. Our wars are awesome because we’re a nation of good. Obama wrong about surge. Wrong about Russia and Georgia. He doesn’t know his ass from his elbow.
I'm voting for Gene Amondson, nominee of the Prohibition party. That "more free lunches" line is a killer. Wake me up when November ends.