Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The failed blog post series continues

Ben wrote yesterday about the process of creativity and how you must shut down your self-censorship and churn out lots of bad ideas in order to achieve a few good ones. With that in mind I am going to continue my failed blog post series from last year. As always, these are the ideas that never made it off the drawing board.

Failed Blog Post: "The Virtue of a Bad Halloween Costume." The idea was that if you have a bad costume, you make your friend's costumes look better and thus they feel better about themselves. Since we are all competitive, it is an altruistic act to place yourself below the average. Then I realized I was formulating an intricate argument in favor of socialism and almost threw up on my keyboard.

Failed Blog Post: "Having Heroes." This was supposed to be about how many of my friends have "heroes", but I do not. Yet before I posted it I read One Hundred Years of Solitude, and now I want to be Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I don't even know why, really.

Failed Blog Post: "The Double Major Fallacy." Many people who are double majoring act like it's such a big deal, emphasizing the and between listing their majors and often rolling their eyes slightly. But why is this such a good thing? Sure, you have slightly more specialization, but you give up a lot in terms of diversity, and you still need the same number of credits to graduate. But then I realized that this might only be the case at Vassar and probably doesn't translate well to other colleges.

Failed Blog Post: "The Flaming Lips." I was going to start with the Osama Bin Laden quote that "music is the flute of the devil," and then segue into discussing why The Flaming Lips are my favorite band. But I've consciously decided to not post too much about music--I don't want to go down that road.