Saturday, April 29, 2006

One Thing I Hate/One Thing I Love

This is my new kind of post. I'm going to do this everyday except for the days when I don't.

I hate: When you call someone's cell phone and they obviously have caller ID and know that it is you, but they still answer with a innocent, "hello?". Come on, don't play so hard to get. Gimme a, "what's up big man?", jump into a conversation, "can you believe the Texans took Williams over Bush?", or at least admit that you know it's me ("what's up A-Money?"), saving us both at least ten seconds and valuable energy.

I love: When you turn on the TV in the middle of a sports game and the first thing that you hear the announcers say is, "In case you're just joining us, here's a recap of the games most important plays...," especially if it is not at a time when they would expect you to turn the TV on (i.e. at the half hour/hour mark, after another game ended, etc.). I am unable to quantify how happy this makes me. And yes, this is yet another example of why I watch way too much television.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

My Thoughts on Tap Dancing

It is extremely hard to be good at it. I have been looking at some tap dancing videos on the internet over the past few days, and I am literally amazed at some of the moves that they are able to do. Of course, if I didn't tap dance, I would probably never know how hard the moves were and I would most just judge the people on how much noise they made.

All I am really doing is making the obvious point that everybody knows already: the more that you know about something, the more you appreciate it.

So the next time that you bank on tennis or golf or meditation before you even try it, sit back and think about whether or not you know enough about the subject to really comment on it. Yeah, I'm talking to you, Andy.