Saturday, April 29, 2006

One Thing I Hate/One Thing I Love

This is my new kind of post. I'm going to do this everyday except for the days when I don't.

I hate: When you call someone's cell phone and they obviously have caller ID and know that it is you, but they still answer with a innocent, "hello?". Come on, don't play so hard to get. Gimme a, "what's up big man?", jump into a conversation, "can you believe the Texans took Williams over Bush?", or at least admit that you know it's me ("what's up A-Money?"), saving us both at least ten seconds and valuable energy.

I love: When you turn on the TV in the middle of a sports game and the first thing that you hear the announcers say is, "In case you're just joining us, here's a recap of the games most important plays...," especially if it is not at a time when they would expect you to turn the TV on (i.e. at the half hour/hour mark, after another game ended, etc.). I am unable to quantify how happy this makes me. And yes, this is yet another example of why I watch way too much television.