Friday, May 2, 2008

May day, May day

You shouldn't be reading this post, you should be reading Ben Casnocha's blog and staying up. Foot to the pedal, nose full of burning oil, eyes watering from too much speed. I'm not kidding either. You really should be reading his blog.

But if you're still here, maybe you'll want to hear some stuff from this week that I've realized I hate:

1) When your teacher passes out a test and allows kids to start right away, only you're on the opposite side of the room so it doesn't get to you for forever. And if somebody makes the obvious suggestion that people should wait to start until everybody has a test, they are crucified. "What is this, the PSATs? Communist Russia?" No, you idiots, this is America. But we need a proper legislative system in place before we can conduct proper competition. You're conflating regulation with intervention.

2) Is there a reason that hipsters can't wear normal backpacks? I know that you're doing everything you can to be cool, but what's so conformist about a backpack? Honestly, I'm just confused. And really annoyed.

3) When I tell people that I'm from San Francisco, they happen to know the area well, and then get mad at me when it turns out that I technically live in Mill Valley. First of all, nobody knows where on earth Mill Valley is, and second of all, nobody likes you.