Monday, April 21, 2008

Laptops in class

A long haired boy raised his hand midway through my Faulkner class today to add his commentary on the Sound and the Fury. The teacher probably thought of it as innocuous, given that his insight was reasonably astute.

But us students sitting behind him got a different take. We were able to see that while speaking, he was simultaneously playing the best-selling online RPG World of Warcraft on his laptop. In fact, while he was making this comment I'm pretty sure that his paladin character got into a fight with some tentacled monster. Which means that he was commenting about Quentin's character in one world, while in another world he was (presumably) fighting for the forces of good over evil. There's no way to be sure how these two activities informed one another, but I suspect that it made his comment more intense and forceful.

It's the sort of thing that may have aggroed some, but quite frankly, I was impressed.