Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Years Resolutions

-- One man, 50 books, 365 days. Any suggestions for books I should read are welcome in the comments, especially non-fiction stuff.

-- Continue watching imdb.com's top 250, with the ultimate goal of seeing them all before I graduate from college. I have about 120 movies left to watch.

By the way, for anybody that still argues that Rotten Tomatoes is better than imdb, check out their top 100 compared to the imdb's top 250. I hesitate to link to them because I don't generally support their tactics, but seriously people. Toy Story 2, #1 overall? Most of their choices are passable, but you might as well not settle for second best. Imdb sees Rotten Tomatoes's 40 opinions on a movie, and raises it 10,000.

Addendum: I've also heard some talk that Metacritic is the authoritative site to visit. Here's their top 200. I think that they tend to overrate animated movies (Ratatouille #6, Spirited Away #11, etc.), and recent movies (Sideways #13, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon #16). I also have to say that Before Sunset is way too high at #46. But you shouldn't take my word for it, you should take everybody's word for it via a collective ranking system like imdb's.

Double addendum: AFI's top 100 lists from 1997 and 2007. Actually my favorite non-imdb list, which is surprising because it is probably the most often trashed. Does seem to hold a bias against newer movies, however.

And this post is now decidedly no longer about my New Year's resolutions. Whatever.