Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Warriors at a glance

Yes, we lost tonight, and yes, Bill Simmons was right in his prediction of the Jazz in 5. But let us not forget that the Warriors are still one of the youngest teams in the league, and losing in the second round of the playoffs is quite impressive, especially considering that about a month ago I was wondering whether or not we would even make the playoffs. Our trip to the second round is undeniably a good development. If we can improve our free throw shooting over the off-season, re-sign Matt Barnes, and Biedrens and Ellis continue to develop, I see no reason why we couldn't be even more competitive next season.

I compare the Warriors today to the adolescent bear. As a cub, he bides his time, content to suffer minor defeats and cherishes every minor victory while he is still growing and learning his place in his society. As he gets older, he starts to show potential for greatness, but he still is held back by a quick temper and an undeserved feeling of entitlement. We are the adolescent bear, feeling that we deserve calls from the refs instead of earning our respect. But soon, we will break out, grow into an adult bear, and show the world what we can do. But that will have to wait for next season. For now, we hibernate, and grow stronger.