Sunday, May 27, 2007

Life without cell phones

People always talk about how the internet has such an impact on our lives--and it undoubtedly has. The problem is that the invention has had such an impact that it's very difficult to imagine life without the internet. Businesses would be changed so much--it's not only that things would go slower, it's also that certain, major parts of my life would simply not exist.

But cell phones are a different story. I can imagine life without cell phones and other mobile devices. And let me tell you, it is a terrible, terrible existence. At college, parties would be smaller, things would never be coordinated as easily, and it would be much easier for authorities to ruin the night because it would be just about impossible to regroup. Without cell phones, parents have more reason to be worried about their kids, kids have less freedom, and if something bad does happen when the kid is separated from the parent, it's harder to deal with the situation.

My friend Austin and I went to the MOMA in New York a few days ago, and both sort of wanted to go our own ways and check it out on our own. Without cell phones? Would have been complicated and probably not worth the risk. But with cell phones it was an absolute non-issue. So for anybody who thinks that I don't count my blessings often enough--you're wrong. I think about the blessing of mobile communication all the time.