Thursday, February 22, 2007

People who have enemies are tight

My dad just told me that his favorite philosopher is Schopenhauer, so, like any rational member of my generation, I wikipediaed him. He seems like he was pretty cool, and pretty funny ("If we were not all so interested in ourselves, life would be so uninteresting that none of us would be able to endure it.") But by far the coolest part about him is that he had a "nemesis," fellow German philosopher Hegel. He even went so far as to schedule his lectures at the same time as Hegel so that he could steal his students, and when he failed, he stopped teaching and was generally angry with the world. Awesome.

Let's face it, having enemies is really sweet. Larry David built a television show around essentially that one point (Curb Your Enthusiasm). Who wants to go through life without any enemies?