Monday, February 26, 2007

I rock my iPod everywhere around campus these days

As some of you have heard, I finally joined the group of people in this world that own iPods this Christmas (immediately taking me out of the other group of people, who don't own iPods), thanks entirely to Santa. I owe you one, big guy.

Anyway, it basically can turn any situation into a party. Boring dinner conversation? At least you're listening to your iPod. Long walk to the library? Ten times better with music. Stupid lecture? They'll never see your iPod under your hoodie if you pull it off right. I thought that getting an iPod would make my life much better, and I was right, it has. But if you really want to enjoy your device, you have to be willing to jam it unabashedly. Some people think that wearing your iPod everywhere is annoying. But those people are wrong, it's actually a lot of fun.