Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Three Cool Active Ideation Innocentives

1) A Communication Platform to engage the “Hidden Community” of Family Caregivers. Link. Reward: $8,000, Deadline: 5/2/11, Description: There are more than half a billion people taking care of someone elderly at home worldwide and the number is growing. Most of these dedicated "at-home" caregivers are not professionally trained to deal with such things as dementia, personal hygiene, medical conditions and complications. Our investigations lead us to believe that this "Hidden Community" would benefit greatly from educational materials, product information /recommendations and established healthcare techniques. We are looking for a "communication platform" to reach out to these individuals to provide educational information and respond to feedback to meet their needs.

2) Educating About the Importance and Acceptance of Purifying Drinking Water. Link. Reward: $5,000, Deadline: 4/27/11, Description: [This org] strives to bring clean, safe water to people in developing countries. With this Challenge they would like suggestions for addressing one of the biggest problems they encounter in this process – namely, that of educating illiterate populations about the importance of purifying drinking water.

3) Humanitarian Air Drop. Link. Reward: $20,000, Deadline: 5/2/11, Description: Humanitarian food and water drops can only be done over an unpopulated drop zone because there is danger of falling debris to people below. We are looking for an alternative way to drop large amounts of Humanitarian food and water packages from an aircraft into populated areas such that there is no danger of falling objects (i.e. non-food items) causing harm to those on the ground.

If you have any ideas on these, write them up and make money!