Monday, March 15, 2010

Ironic Process In Hurt Locker

At one point in the movie, the camp doc / mental health provider tells one of the soldiers that he has "got to change the record in [his] head. You gotta start thinking about other things. Okay, Stop obsessing... Right now."

Did anyone else start laughing at this? Even if you haven't heard of the ironic process theory that attempting to directly suppress thoughts makes them more persistent, surely you can assume that the soldier has already tried to not think about his obsession (dying) on his own. Instead of this course, some sort of cognitive behavioral therapy would likely have been much more helpful.


Hurt Locker is currently rated an 8.0 overall on imdb. 17k US voters have given it a 8.3 average, and 37k non-US voters have given it a 7.8 average. It does best with voters under 18, who give it a 8.6 average. So, does it make you like the movie more or less to know that younger people tend to like it the most?