Thursday, July 3, 2008

Organizational musings

It's been a solid two years of writing here, and I'm already enjoying one of the major purposes, which is re-reading my old posts. Two years ago my goals for the summer were to read 6 books and make hella skrilla. What a loser I was. Anyway, some organizational notes:

1) I'm making Tuesday Statisticz a monthly instead of a weekly addition. This way I'll be able to deliver you the highest quality content. Hopefully they will offer more in the form of experimentation, natural or artificial, to deal with the correlation vs. causation issues I've been having.

2) My neurobiology type posts are being moved to the new blog, and my (dwindling) economics posts will be moved to the nascent Vassar Investment site. On this blog I'll try to focus on more broadly relevant stuff. Like movie rating systems.

3) I may be writing an e-book on the imdb top 250 once I finish watching them all, so if any of you have any feedback on the list, how it's made, and especially specific thoughts on movies, please e-mail me.