Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tuesday Statisticz: Still the best

I felt bad for Kobe today as he left the Garden, but then I realized that he's still the best. And what's more, he's been the best for awhile now. After Paul Pierce won the Finals MVP, I bet that some talk show hosts are going to be talking tomorrow about why Pierce may be better than Kobe. But they would be wrong.

The most two important statistics for a guard are assist to turnover ratio and points per game. Kobe has Mr. Pierce in spades in these categories, and he's been consistently better for quite some time now. Here's their assist to turnover ratios on a span of careers (I've truncated Kobe's first two years to compensate for the fact that he was good enough to go straight to the pros):

And here's points per game:

Aside from one (oddball) year in each category, Kobe comes out victorious. I got the data from their Yahoo player profiles (here and here). And since Kobe is on the Lakers, the Lakers win.

Unfortunately, that means that the Celtics lose. Sorry guys, you gave it your all, but in the end, Kobe came out on top. Better luck next year.