Sunday, March 4, 2007

Philosophy is Dying

The more and more we learn about the brain and how it works, the less and less importance the old philosophers we read about (Descartes, Kant, etc.) will have. We won't need people to speculate how our mind works or how we form ideas if we have the science to be able to explain it in plain terms.

Think about all of the old medical texts that exist from the 15th century or so, attempting to explain how to cure diseases without the knowledge of microorganisms. Nobody cares about those anymore except as a tool to examine history. The same slow death will strike most types of philosophy. Nobody will care what some old geezer thinks about how we obtain knowledge when we actually have the scientific knowledge to see what really happens. Perhaps some moral philosophy will still have its place, but the intellectual masturbatory period that seems to have dominated philosophy is doomed.

And no, this has nothing to do with my philosophy paper on Hume that I'm agonizing over. Why would you think that.