Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Critique Of The 10,000 Hour Rule

Suzanne Lainson offers one here,
[Anders] Ericsson says that if you have experienced people who don't do any better than the average person, then they aren't experts. This seems to provide a good loophole to explain why average people can sometimes beat those with more experience. What he seems to be saying is that his theories are right, and when there appear to be exceptions, the exceptions don't count.
Now that's what I call a take down! The rest of the post is a veritable smattering of research bits,  certainly not for the faint of nucleus accumbens, but it is interesting. She concludes that deliberately attempting to practice something for ten thousand hours isn't worth it, because it might not be sufficient for success and random unplanned experiences tend to be more life-defining anyway.