Saturday, April 3, 2010

Why Science Writing Is Painful

Natalie Angier channels Susan Hockfield (HT:
..the time had arrived for writing, the painful process, as the neuroscientist Susan Hockfield so pointedly put it, of transforming three-dimensional, parallel-processed experience into two-dimensional, linear narrative. "It's worse than squaring a circle," she said. "It's squaring a sphere."

One of my plans for the next few months is to take the lessons from Eric Barker's awesome blog Barking Up The Wrong Tree and apply them to my neuro blog here (subscribe!). The lessons from his success seem to be:

1) Let the original authors of studies do more of the work via quotes.

2) Hitting a home run on any given post might actually be bad in that it increases the self-applied pressure for the next one.

3) There is value in aggregating lots of small ideas into one location.