Saturday, December 5, 2009

Unorthodox RSS Feeds I've Been Reading

The RSS invasion is upon us. More and more people are realizing every day that it doesn't make sense to visit any other websites when you can read it all from the comfort of your feed reader. One pervasive but misguided assumption remains that your only option for RSS subscriptions comes in the form of blogs. Oh no, my friend. You are mistaken.

In the interest of reversing this myth, here are my four favorite RSS feeds from non-blog sources:
  • Ben Casnocha's feed. Many of his astute blog posts come from here first, so you will feel smart and informed when you already know what he's talking about.
  • Cleaveland Clinic Journal of Medicine PubMed feed. Most of these are highly specific and the feed doesn't update much, but every now and then there is a legitimate must-read, like this one about public data reporting at hospitals. Very quant, plus all of the articles are free.
  • Colin Marshall's twitter feed. As I said in my interview with Colin, it's possible that he's a better tweeter than blogger, and that's saying something. I especially like when he defines a previously ambiguous word. For example, "Procrastination: the temporary displacement of tasks at which it is possible to fail with tasks at which it is not possible to fail."
  • Robin Hanson's LessWrong comment feed. This one is tricky because he is replying to someone else's writing and context is sometimes hard to pick up. But for OB fans it's a must, and there are some money quotes, like, "Conversation is a highly evolved system and random changes are usually for the worse."
Let me know if you know of any good unorthodox RSS feeds.