Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Five Ideas for Spring Break

1) I was nonplussed by Watchmen the movie and disgusted with the way that it layed waste to the ending, but is this really fair? After all, I may never have heard of the book and eventually read it were it not for the hype due to the movie. It is a curious phenomenon when people claim that they wish that a movie based on a book had never been made even though they probably never would have read the book were it not for the movie.

2) I don't enjoy listening to country music alone but I do like listening to it with somebody who hates it because it is fun to watch them writhe in pain.

3) Laundry is hard not because of the number of things that you must do but the number of things that could go wrong: shrinking your clothes, not drying them thoroughly, or setting fire to the household by not wiping off the dust. Thus, "It's so simple, all you have to do is push a few buttons" is not a sufficient rebuttal to my disdain of laundry.

4) Why do people often say "too much information" but never "not enough information"? Surely our conversations roughly approach equilibrium, and these phrases indicate deviations from that norm. Nei, anyone?

5) In terms of intellectual stimulation, I find movies to be better than TV shows which are better than video games which are better than most theatrical performances. Of course there is some variance both within groups and how much one prefers intellectual stimulation to other factors. Movies are better than TV because they have less time to tell their story and thus leave more facts for the viewer to infer.


I'm on spring break and in full contemplation mode, so posting may be even more esoteric than usual.