Friday, September 12, 2008

Selfish Self-Experimentation

There are two ways to go about self-experimenting. One is a quest of self-improvement, testing various methods and tools to gauge how much they will help you. The other kind is on the surface more altruistic: using your own body as an incubator to see how others will react to similar treatments.

An example of the first kind is measuring your weight gains with and without Creatine to see whether or not it is worth the long-term risks. An example of the second kind is volunteering to swallow various chemicals to measure what they will do to the average human. Hopefully the effects in rats are congruent to the effects in humans! It's no surprise that there are lots more of the selfish kind than the altruistic kind.

If self-experimentation is ever to achieve a broad scale, it will be because someone convinces a large mass of people that it is in their own best interest. There is a large corpus of data in the workout logs of, but it is inserted so haphazardly. Even a small amount of control in that data and it's value would increase exponentially. But how do you convince people to record their workouts methodologically?