Sunday, May 28, 2006

I'm done with high school!

After turning in all of my work for UHS and then going to Tam prom last night (with about 62389253 people I knew from middle school to say hi to), I'm conflicted as to whether or not I made the right decision in going to University. I think that the advantage of going to UHS is that I have become more stimulated and actually interested in learning, whearas during middle school I just did a lot of my work because I have to. But I can't tell if I would have done that anyway, if that's just a part of maturing. The downsides to University have been the commute and the pretentiousness that a lot of people there have.

Anyway, I'm really not going to fret about it anymore. Really. Even if I had gone to Tam I'd be done with highschool anyway and off to the next chapter in the preferred narrative that has been my life.

Goals for this summer:

-Make serious skilla
-Learn what hospitals are like by volunteering at UCSF
-Fix my computer so that I can actually start blogging for realz
-Read six books (I know, I know, pretty high standards)
-Get big (i.e. work on my pecks)

I'll check back at this list by the end of the summer and be accountable.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Movie Review: The Third Man

Old movie (think black and white), but it actually had a really cool plot with a lot of twists and a really cool main character. Most definately a film noir. I'm happy I saw it, and I really like how it strayed away from sentimentality whenever it could.

My favorite scene was probably the absurdly long chase scene at the end when the main bad character (Harry) is running away in the sewers and essentially avoiding everyone. Sick ending to that scene too. (What, did you think I was going to give it away? No way, Jose, watch the movie for yourself!)

The black and white took away from it as did the main female lead, who was kind of boring. That's why it gets:

3/4 stars

Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Apple better watch out

On all of the new Mac ads they are talking about how Macs never become "sick" and how there are very few viruses for Macs.

Well, if I were a hacker right now, I would be getting kind of pissed off at these ads. I would probably start to develop viruses to attack Macs. I think that this is an extremely dangerous ad campaign by Apple computer. You heard it here first: there will be a backlash.

Monday, May 8, 2006

Movie Review: Mission Impossible III

In case you noticed, I plan on becoming somewhat of a movie buff my life. I've been inspired by my swim coach Berto, a master of conversation who always has a story to tell because of his extensive knowledge of movies. Anyway, step 1 of that plan is to watch hella movies (step 2 is to become pretentious about it, but I haven't gotten there yet).

This was just all around a fun movie to watch. Tom Cruise did a remarkable job of not reminding us that he is a scientoligist for at least two hours. Some sick action sequences and a few surprising moments/plot twists.

However, parts of it were so unrealistic that I was just turned off. Like the idea that Tom Cruise would be able to hang out with people in a normal social setting, or that people wouldn't call him out on his fake grin.

2/4 stars

PS For the record I believe that he is gay and that it will be revealed at some point in his life in a tell-all book. I can't wait to read it.

PPS Yeah so by the way I edited this post. Get over OK? I've been getting perspective on other movies so it was justified. It was the scientologist propoganda working on me. I'm sure you understand.


I just deleted my myspace profile. That website is more addictive than extra salty Tostitos. Now I can get back to real life, such as reading! Due up on my list:

-Finish How we Die
-Read The Autobiography of Malcolm X (Which I got from the free book section of the History Department)

I feel good and I don't really know why, which as my friend Jeremy points out is the best kind of feeling good.

Monday, May 1, 2006


During my US History Through Film class today, my teacher posed a question: would you sabotage somebody else's chance of getting into college in order to get yourself into the college of your choice?

I myself said no. Perhaps it is because I have already dealt with the stress of colleges while many other students are just deciding or still on waiting lists; perhaps it is because I am going to a place that I legitimately consider my first choice. Perhaps I'm just that morally good.

But many other students did not feel the same way, one even claiming that she would sabotage "up to five people" in order to get her way. Others concurred because "the decisions are so random anyway."

However, as soon as the teacher offered the hypothetical that that student would know that you had done the act, people began to change their minds completely. There was only one student who still said that she would do it. Surprisingly, people were much more shocked towards this claim than towards the original claim that she would sabotage somebody. "Have you no feelings of guilt?" yet another girl inquired.

Apparently, social scorn is highly accepted to be much more important to people than their own feelings of guilt. This is applied economics at work: people will act in their own self-interest unless there is an incentive in place against them.

Of course, the people who act the same whether or not anybody knows what they have done have what is known as integrity. It is the most interesting quality that a person can have because almost by definition nobody will ever find out about it (unless it is sorely lacking). I don't really know where I am going with this but I'm posting it anyway!

Movie Review: American Dreamz

Synopsis: Basically the point of the movie was to make fun of both America and the Middle Eastern extremists who America is fighting. A lot of making fun of George Bush (although not specifically mentioned in the movie) through mocking the movie's president, who knows absolutely nothing and compares Iran and North Korea to two evil Marvel Comic book characters. He is spoon-fed everything through an assistant who literally tells him what to say and is on drugs to control his mood swings. The twist that makes fun of the Middle Eastern people is that one terrorist ends up on an American Idol-esque show. He is placed there in order to make it to the finals and kill the president, but he becomes so enthralled with performance and he likes the American culture so much that he decides not to kill him.

Good Parts:
- The movie does an excellent job of mocking the media for forcing situations in real life so that it will look good on TV ("we didn't get your excited reaction on film, can you do it again?")
- Mandy Moore is exquisite
- Mandy Moore's character's one-liner: "I'm not physically attracted to other people, but if you want me, I'm yours."

Bad Parts:
- I didn't like how Hugh Grant (from England) was making fun of America. In fact, I hated it. It's kind of like how some stereotypical jokes are only OK if they come from somebody from that group. You can't make fun of us, only we can make fun of us.
- A lot of forced comedy based around Bush's Texas accent and foolishness.
- Hugh Grant's character is extremely drawn out and boring.
- Extremely strange plot twist at the end that made no sense whatsoever and then the movie basically ended in a "happily ever after" kind of way. Almost like the movie tried to be dark humor, but did it in a family-friendly, we're-just-kidding kind of way. Dark humor is money. Embrace it.

I can't believe that I just wrote a whole review on this movie. It is not funny on a legitimate level, and it is not so bad that you can laugh at it for being bad. Don't see it.

1/4 stars