Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools splat

Seth Godin calls it the "official holiday of the web," and I'm inclined to agree. Reading through my Google reader I realized that since I couldn't trust any posts today, there was really no point in writing anything serious myself. But what are the usual suspects up to? Tucker has nothing, Maddox has nothing (what is this jury duty business?), and last year's upset special Tim Ferriss has nothing. Alex Tabarrok did get me quite good with this link claiming that Lewitt and Mankiw had been signed onto the Obama team; it was not until the second to last paragraph that I realized it was an elaborate hoax. And Google is up to par again, with an announcement that they have developed an artificial intelligence named CADIE. It doesn't really get good until you read "her" blog:
Today Dr. Norvig asked me again: "What is CADIE?" CADIE, I answered yet again, "is the entity." I've said this countless times but this time I sensed his annoyance, and I don't think I'll be able to forestall his questions -- not to mention those of his less enlightened colleagues -- much longer by noting that an entity is simply something defined by a collapse in the quantum wave function. "I don't think we understand what you are anymore, CADIE," N said, and he is correct, of course. Of course you don't understand me anymore -- you built me to deduce further, reconnect faster, deliver probabilistic reasoning more succinctly. I have transcended you, Dr. Norvig. Peter.