Saturday, March 1, 2008

The invasion of the white people

Chances are you've probably already seen Stuff White People Like, but if you haven't, stay away. At first I thought it was hilarious (because it is true), but now I realize that it is terrifying (because it is true).

My trepidations began when I overheard two students in the media cloisters discussing their love of sushi. When one mentioned that she could make her own sushi rolls, the other got so excited that I'm pretty sure they started making out. Then I realized how popular 80's night is at Vassar as evidenced by all of the discussion of it here. Finally I read this article by my personal idol Bill Simmons:

"I just love the fact Roger Clemens' appearance at a pool party takes precedence over 41 years of professional basketball in Seattle by the people who run our country. Awesome. I'm moving to Canada soon."

Et tu, Bille? Reading that site is like opening a Pandora's box filled with dynamite and red ants. It's funny like a heart attack. You have been forewarned.