Monday, December 17, 2007

Yes, I encourage you to start a blog

I am always enthusiastic when somebody mentions that they might want to start a blog. Wildly so, some might say. I'll offer to help you set it up (although it is absurdly intuitive), and throw out some ideas about what to write about.

Why do I do so? Aside from believing that their writing will be interesting to read, there is a tremendous advantage for me to have friends who blog. A few reasons:

a) Staying in touch: We all have tons of difficulty staying in touch with old friends. Keeping a blog makes it so simple to keep in touch with what people are doing, and what people are thinking. If you post a couple of paragraphs every day, they will automatically update to my RSS reader, and I can probably read everything you write in around 5 minutes a week. That's not a lot to be intimately connected to what somebody is thinking from anywhere in the world.

b) Other people who blog can't make fun of me behind my back for doing so.

c) Site ranking: As of now, the #1 goal of this blog is to remain the first choice when somebody searches for andy mckenzie in Google. Fooling the algorithms is not easy, so the simplest way to make sure that I maintain my spot at the top of the results is to have people that link to me. I link to you, you link to me; it's just a little quid pro quo between friends. And if there's mutual masturbation involved (and there generally is), that's just icing on the cake.

So when I tell you to start writing, I mean it. Your blog will not be a time drain, it will be a pleasure. Join us, and don't look back.