Thursday, November 29, 2007

Self-Help Tips

"Ways to Improve Self-Esteem:

- Identify the people you feel intimidated by. Learn to be assertive with them.

- When you fail at something, say: "That's okay. I'll do better next time."

- When you're feeling blue, say "It's okay. I will be alright."

- If your day was rough, relax in the evening or as soon as you can.

- When you try something new and don't catch on right away, give yourself credit for trying."

These were taken from Vassar College's "Minding Your Mental Health" booklet. Does anyone else find them hilarious? I think that the reason why is probably because they totally ignore the context of the situation. I mean, this is all good advice, but there's no way that somebody is going to remember to give themselves credit for trying when they suck at badminton (or something) and everybody is laughing at them.

The bottom line? Naive people can be funny, especially when you have to hand it to them because they make some good points.