Sunday, November 18, 2007

Blogging is literally blowing up

Seriously though, the blogosphere is more on fire at Vassar than Main building every year on Halloween . Here's some of the new blogs I've come across recently:

Blog Attempt #1 - My friend Joe, an alum from the basketball team, muses about books, sports, and his Will Bike for Food Organization, among other topics. His posts are astute yet poignant, a rare combination and almost certainly a result of his outstanding Vassar education.

Critical Flop - Vassar alum Aaron Terr writes articles in satirical onion-style form about celebrities, politicians, and anything else you can imagine. Very, very funny stuff.

Butterworth's Basketball Blog - My friend Brian, also from the basketball team, posts his thoughts about sports, especially from his perspective as a Bostonite (he is very Bostinian). Rather young blog, but you might as well jump on the bandwagon now before it fills up.

Mads Vassar
- Probably the most prolific blogger on the Vassar campus, Mads keeps you updated at a deafening pace of which parties were the most legit, and which speakers were worth listening to. Although it's run anonymously, we're pretty sure here at the bi-monthly that the author is a freshman and lives in Jewett. Beyond that, the mystery is a part of the appeal.

Just when you think that you're alone, you realize that there's people all around you. If you too would like to start a blog, please e-mail me at amckenz(at)gmail(dot)com, and I'll help you set one up.