Sunday, August 5, 2007

Movie Review: The Simpsons

We all love movies that start with a bang, and The Simpsons movie definitely delivers, with a quick itchy and scratchy sketch leading right into a nice ironic segue making fun of the audience for paying for something that they could conceivably "watch for free on TV!"

But for many of the old time fans who watched the Simpsons in the early and middle nineties every Sunday night at 8:00, begging their parents to stay up "just to watch one show," we know that we can't get the real Simpsons on TV anymore. The TV show has grown stale, too Homer-centric and too played out.

So have they been saving all of the good jokes for the past 6 years for this movie? Color me lukewarm. I think that most of the good press they've been getting is due to some lowered expectations because most TV to movie flicks flop and the benefit of the doubt because of all the goodwill they've built up over the last 17 years.

Then again, it wasn't at all bad, and we probably owe the writers and creators of the show our $10, considering all the good they've brought into our lives. So if you are a fan, or if you ever were, go pay your respects at the box office and join the phenomenon. Who knows, you'll probably even chuckle a couple of times along the way.

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