Sunday, November 12, 2006

Movie Review: Borat

Finally saw the movie everybody is talking about (for some reason it just came out in New York, apparently the movie industry does not grasp the comedic genius that is Sacha Baron Cohen), and it met my expectations. Having seen the TV show, I expected to laugh when people took Borat too seriously, when unsuspecting people took his racism to the next level, and when people had absolutely no idea of how to deal with him. The bottom line is that it delivers.

Perhaps the best part about the movie is that it keeps you off-guard by varying the length of the clips. One scene could be 10 minutes long and continue to escalate that whole time, while another scene might be only thirty seconds with a one-two knockout punchline at the end.

I was going to give this movie four out of four stars, but towards the end there a scene that amounted to sexual assault on my brain. I can't give a movie that leaves such a nasty, indelible image full marks. But unless you're my mom, I'd recommend you see this movie.

*** and a half/****