Monday, December 4, 2006

5 best places to change your cell phone ring tone

5) While waiting for a job interview. Best case scenario, your potential employers recognize that you have a cell phone and want a person that ostensibly has such a high standing in the world. Worst case scenario, you get a new cell phone ring tone and mix it up a little bit. Bang bang.

4) While your roommate is trying to go to sleep. Always a good call.

3) In the library. I hesitate to put this one up here because it is sort of an obvious one, I agree. But I have seen some people doing this recently and I really just want to laud their efforts. The world needs more people like you.

2) On the bus.

1) Whenever I am around you. If you see me around, go ahead and change your cell phone ring tone. I know you're probably thinking, "lolzerz andy! i already do change it around you." You're right. Just keep it up. I love it.