Wednesday, September 27, 2006

So the Vassar student government election results came in today... and...

Wow... you actually thought that I would run for student government? For shame, for shame. Beaurocracy is not my game.

However, I did find the election results to be particularly interesting. Vassar has a run-off system, where when you vote you list your top three candidates for each position, and if your first choice candidate has the least amount of votes in any "stage", then your vote goes to your next candidate. Each "stage" eliminates one candidate. Astute readers know what that means: the computer system that does the calculations is able to tell who got last place, second-to-last place, all the way up to first place.

But here's the kicker. They posted all of those calculations of a public web site. Yes, that's right, I can click on that page and find out who got last place in every one of the elections, and, yes, by how much. Even better, since facebook is so rampant and everybody has one, I can simply copy-paste their name into a facebook search and look at their profile. "Guess this one wasn't quite pretty enough," or, "he should have gone with the clean shaven look for his profile picture," immediately popped into mind. A middle school could have a field day with this system.

Anyway, one of the most effective tools I have ever seen to revel in other's (albeit small) failures. Instant self-esteem booster. A great way to look at election results, Vassar College. This blog lauds your efforts.