Monday, May 8, 2006

Movie Review: Mission Impossible III

In case you noticed, I plan on becoming somewhat of a movie buff my life. I've been inspired by my swim coach Berto, a master of conversation who always has a story to tell because of his extensive knowledge of movies. Anyway, step 1 of that plan is to watch hella movies (step 2 is to become pretentious about it, but I haven't gotten there yet).

This was just all around a fun movie to watch. Tom Cruise did a remarkable job of not reminding us that he is a scientoligist for at least two hours. Some sick action sequences and a few surprising moments/plot twists.

However, parts of it were so unrealistic that I was just turned off. Like the idea that Tom Cruise would be able to hang out with people in a normal social setting, or that people wouldn't call him out on his fake grin.

2/4 stars

PS For the record I believe that he is gay and that it will be revealed at some point in his life in a tell-all book. I can't wait to read it.

PPS Yeah so by the way I edited this post. Get over OK? I've been getting perspective on other movies so it was justified. It was the scientologist propoganda working on me. I'm sure you understand.