Sunday, May 28, 2006

I'm done with high school!

After turning in all of my work for UHS and then going to Tam prom last night (with about 62389253 people I knew from middle school to say hi to), I'm conflicted as to whether or not I made the right decision in going to University. I think that the advantage of going to UHS is that I have become more stimulated and actually interested in learning, whearas during middle school I just did a lot of my work because I have to. But I can't tell if I would have done that anyway, if that's just a part of maturing. The downsides to University have been the commute and the pretentiousness that a lot of people there have.

Anyway, I'm really not going to fret about it anymore. Really. Even if I had gone to Tam I'd be done with highschool anyway and off to the next chapter in the preferred narrative that has been my life.

Goals for this summer:

-Make serious skilla
-Learn what hospitals are like by volunteering at UCSF
-Fix my computer so that I can actually start blogging for realz
-Read six books (I know, I know, pretty high standards)
-Get big (i.e. work on my pecks)

I'll check back at this list by the end of the summer and be accountable.